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65% of businesses blame financial mismanagement for failure

Flight is designed to keep businesses in business.
Key financial data meets private activity feed.

Invite only who you want
Share documents

How it works

You fly the plane – we’ll watch the gauges

Add a business to Flight and we integrate with the accounting package to find only the stuff that matters: key financial data, anomalies and trends.

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What it does

Flight gives business owners – and their advisors – strong insight

Get a bird’s-eye view on the cash hitting the books every day. Avoid problems, seize opportunity. Communicate with stakeholders, co-owners, board members. Share documents. All in one secure place.

Who it’s for

Flight is for businesses and their inner circle. Invite only who you want.


Goodbye stale dashboards

Hello clear, vital info in easy bites.

Only the important stuff

Flight notices when the gauges are off – and points out the anomalies.

Critical engagement

Co-owners, advisors, stakeholders – get in touch with the right people in the right context at the right time.

Seize the moment

Save time, identify opportunity, avoid problems.

More dash.
Less bored.

  • See key financial data
  • Share documents
  • Communicate


Flight is free during our early access phase. As we add features, you can upgrade if you choose.

Finally. All the vitals – financial data and people – in one place. It’s time to take off.

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