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Where accountants and businesses work.

Key financial data meets private activity feed.

Invite only who you want
Share documents

How it works

You fly the plane – we’ll watch the gauges

Add a client to Flight and we integrate with their accounting package to show only the stuff that matters: cash flow conflicts, milestones, and unusual data.

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What it does

Flight turns accountants into powerful allies

Flight identifies cash flow situations before they become problems. Pinpoint troubling trends and suggest actions. Communicate with your clients. Communicate with your colleagues. Share documents. All in one place.

Flight gives business owners strong insight

Get a bird’s-eye view on the cash flow hitting the books every day. Avoid problems, seize opportunities. Communicate with your accountant, your stakeholders, co-owners and board members. Share documents. All in one place.

Who it’s for

A consultant or professional such as an accountant or banker or bookkeeper who wants to update, influence or advise business clients on daily, weekly or monthly financial activities.

In-house Accountants
An in-house accounting professional who needs to keep the boss or other stakeholders updated on financial activity.

Accounting Offices
An accounting office with multiple employees, who need to keep their boss and their clients on the same page about the state of their businesses.

Business Owners
Business owners who want to stay in the flight path of their financial activity.


Everyone’s in

Accountants see the key financial data for all of their clients in a secure, private activity feed.

Only the important stuff

Flight notices when the gauges are off – and points out the anomalies.

Critical engagement

Clients, colleagues, stakeholders – get in touch with the right people in the right context.

Make a difference

Save time, identify opportunity, avoid problems.

More dash.
Less bored.

  • See key financial data
  • Share documents
  • Communicate


All plans include:

Unlimited clients    •     Chat, phone, and email support    •     Push notifications    •     Mobile app access    •     Custom branding

1-2 advisors
from the same firm
3-4 advisors
from the same firm
billed annually
$32/mo billed monthly
5-9 advisors
from the same firm
billed annually
$64/mo billed monthly

More than 10 advisors?

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It’s time for a smarter, simpler way to be amazing for your clients. It’s time to find your wings.

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